Hi. I'm Sander

You probably landed here to learn more about me.

Well, here goes.


Despite appearances, I'm not a software engineer. I did start out as one, but discovered other types of work can be just as rewarding1). I currently earn my bread as a full stack product owner2) in a scrum team that builds an e-commerce site.

Side projects

I love text based modeling software, like MscGen (sequence charts) and Graphviz (networks). Weirdly, tooling to work with that software is either non-existant or klunky. I'm on a mission to change that. As a consequence:

At the end of 2016 I set upon writing dependency-cruiser, a dependency analyzer and visualizer for TypeScript 3) to keep both my team and the chief architect happy. My team wanted to keep a mono-repo for a while to keep initial development manageable. Our chief architect was afraid we'd grow weird dependencies within that repo. With dependency-cruiser we can prove we don't, both visually and in our CI.

I have some other side projects; GitHub is doing a decent job on showcasing them, so if you want to see them, hit over there.

Private life

I live in Holland. As does my girlfriend. Probably - I honestly don't know. I have never met her.

To the best of my knowledge I don't have any kids either.

Other random facts:

Social media

Apart from GitHub, I have accounts on LinkedIn Twitter and Google+. Fair warning, though: I tend to check these once every two weeks - sometimes less.

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